ACP Sign board - manufacturer in delhi

The use of signage has grown significantly in India with brands recognising the signage as an important factor of communicating the idea, identity and brand image of the company. The brands have now become more focused on developing the customer connection through the implementation of high quality ACP sign boards that is easy to install and remove through convenient fittings and adjustments. ACP signages are Quickly made, user-friendly and look fascinating to every customer who’ll have a glance of it.

ACP generally stands for Aluminium Composite Panels which are made from a combination of hard-wearing polyethylene or aluminium. Machines of the latest modern technology are used to make eye-catching ACP sign boards of various brands. The cost of every ACP sign board depends upon various factors like size, shape and number of letters used in making the logo. ACP is considered one of the most durable sign board with its rigid and strong toughness. Clients generally prefer going for ACP sign boards with a wide variety of letters, numbers and logos of different shapes and sizes go along with the ACP sign board.

ACP sign boards are manufactured through raw materials that include 3D acrylic letters that are embedded with LED modules that make it look tempting and give it an appealing look. ACP sign board deploys brand language and motto of the company in real-time and results in faster growth and reputation of the company.

Whether it is an industrial area or a shopping mall, if you want your brand to attract a wider audience with creative ACP acrylic boards, glow signboards, or other offerings of ACP, then Legend Outdoor Advertising is the one stop solution to all your needs.


Q1.  What are ACP signboards?

A.  ACP signboards are aluminum composite panels with 3D acrylic letters mounted on them that are largely used in industry to create a brand presence.

Q2.  Why choose Legend Outdoor Advertising for ACP signboards?

A.  Legend Outdoor Advertising has been an ACP signboard manufacturer in Delhi for the past 20 years that delivers top-quality ACP signboards.

Q3.  What would be the cost of ACP signboards?

A.  The cost of an ACP signboard depends on its size and the matter that is to be installed on it.