LED sign board - manufacturer in delhi

LED sign board uses a substantial number of miniature LED modules as illumination source instead of neon tube lights. In most instances, these signs are in the form of 3D acrylic words with lighting. Their installation is variable happening on building facades, walls and rooftops. LED sign boards and 3D acrylic letters or LED letter signages are the most nocturnal way of embodying your brand. They look more premium than standard glow sign boards, are much more authentic and use much less power as compared to conventional signages. Signage is a significant part of your advertising budget. It is immensely crucial for the development and growth of any business based out of such visuals which makes Led advertising board even more worthwhile.

LED sign board and neon sign board have similar calculative value in the market?

LED sign boards are generally less expensive than equivalent neon signs. However, the initial price distinction between LED and neon is not a vital determinant in concluding which character you need for your business.

LED sign boards or LED letter sign boards cost significantly less to export and install corresponded to neon signs because they are so much more fragile and lighter. They also come complete with hanging hardware.

LED sign boards are virtually maintenance-free. There are no vapours, glass tubes, argon, or mercury problems and LED lights never run out. The lights don't have as many arguments or concerns because they are little lights which is why shop name boards have LED signages. Neon signs ultimately lose all of the neon shade that is present internally in the glass containers, which suggests you have to substitute the gasoline or purchase a new frame.

LED signs and resting use very little energy, making them much more eco-friendly associated with neon signs. Neon sign boards can gradually drip virulent fumes like argon and mercury out. This way you seldom see neon signs flickering or with letters burnt out. LED sign technology does not use these harmful gases and is consequently much safer to use.

We Manufacture all such Signages with the best quality material to have the lights illuminate at their best. We at Legend Outdoor Advertising make sure to provide the best in class service to the client with trend-setting products to choose from and apply. We are the leading Signage manufacturing unit bringing along with the eternity of serving our clients with the sustainable LED lighting unit and best in market digital sign board.


Q1. What is LED signboard?

A.  The signboards are made of 3D Acrylic letters that showcase Brand names and other essential information with brilliant colors and top-notch visibility.

Q2.  Why choose Legend Outdoor Advertising for LED signboards?

A.  Legend Outdoor Advertising has been in the sigage industry for more than two decades now and promises to provide its clients with excellent quality signages that last exceptionally long.

Q3.  What is the price of LED signbaords?

A.  The price of the LED signboards depends upon the size ordered and the amount of matter that is inserted on the board.